The Survivalists

Moya and Lex demonstrate laughter as a survival skill.

Moya and Lex demonstrate laughter as a survival skill.

Alexis Pauline Gumbs is love embodied but not contained. Lex manifests love by constantly creating BrokenBeautiful Press, teaching for SpiritHouse Youth Programs, Bennett College for Women and Duke University’s English, Africana Studies and Women’s Studies Departments and writing for Make/Shift, Left Turn and Treazure Magazines. Alexis is also part of the organizing team for Critical Resistance 10, a proud member of SPEAK: The Women of Color Media Justice Collective, Southerners on New Ground and UBUNTU a woman of color/survivor led coalition dedicated to ending gendered violence and instigating sustainable transformative love, she’s also co-pilot of the Queer Black MobileHomecoming Project. The most important two things about Alexis are her connection to ancestors and her faith in you. Feel free to contact her at

Moya Bailey is a fourth year Fellow in Women’s Studies at Emory University. Her research is focused on health care disparities in marginalized groups. She received her undergraduate degree from Spelman College where she majored in Women’s Studies with a concentration in Health. While at Spelman she was a resident assistant and was active in many campus organizations including AUC Peace, Sisterfire, Afrekete, and served as President of the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (FMLA) during the famous Nelly Protest. Her organizational and planning activities with the FMLA and the SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Rights Conference led her to a life of activism centered on health issues and social constructs affecting women of color. Bailey also serves on the national board of the Davis- Putter Scholarship Fund, which provides scholarships for activist students and is a co-founder of Quirky Black Girls.


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